Fairymount Strength & fitness



Put yourself tO the test!


Sunday March 31st, 2019.

Fitness Rounds from 9.30am

Strength Rounds from 12.30pm - 2.30 pm


Netball Courts at Anzac Park, Kyogle


Men and women aged 18 +


The Challenge consists of two parts, you may enter either the Strength Challenge, the Fitness Challenge, or both! Entry is $15 for each event, $30 for both.


You must complete an entry ( Terms & Conditions) form to compete. Forms available on the day or download here and bring with you. All Challenges will be overseen by qualified fitness instructor Scott Hamel from Back in Action.

Trophies and prizes for winners of each Challenge!


Fitness Event includes:

  • Wall Ball (9kgs for men and 6kg for women with a 10-foot Target (reps)

  • Sumo Dead-lift high-pull, 35 kgs for man and 25kgs for women (reps)

  • Box Jumps, 20" box (reps)

  • Push Press, 75 pounds (reps)

  • Row (timed for calories)

Strength Event is a timed medley including:

  • Atlas Stone (70kg men and 35kg for women)

  • Tyre Flip

  • Farmer's Carry (75kg per hand for men and 25kg per hand for women)

  • Dead Ball Carry (45kg for men and 20 kg for women)