Get Ready - The Fairymount Run and Kyogle Half Marathon are here!

You asked for it so we made it happen. Together with AAA Racing & Coaching, The Kyogle Fairymount Festival presents three racing events for runners, walkers and nature lovers.

Scheduled during the finale of the Fairymount Festival the runs features The Shorty (7.5km), Middle of the Road (12.5 km) and half marathon distances - there's also a Schools Colour Run on Wednesday, April 3rd.

Starting in the middle of Kyogle at 6:30 and 7:15 am respectively, the Half Marathon and Middle of the Road runners head out of town and up through the trail until you hit Fairymount Ridge.  From there you head up to the trig point overlooking the town (participants in The Shorty arrive at the trig point via a slightly different route having started at 8:00 am).

All runners head out along the ridge with the 'Shorties' and 'Middle of the Roaders' peeling down off the ridge to the finish in town, while the Half Marathoners head down east of the ridge to Back Creek before returning west to the finish, up and over the ridge down to the finish.  All options deliver some fantastic views of the valley below Fairymount while offering an appropriate challenge, from those that would give it a 'nudge' through to those wishing to simply take in the scenery.  

Get more details and register at and we will see you on the track!